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STEREO EMBERS VIDEO PREMIER – Sophe Lux & the Mystic’s “Your Wonderland”

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Well, considering that we here at SEM have been fortunate enough throughout 2016 to be the go-to premier outlet for this glittering, groundbreaking, Zen-stoked Queen of Spacepop Soul and her band, there already exists a treasure trove of reference material in the Sophe Lux & the Mystic backpages file should you require being brought up to speed, but for the rest of you we’re going to zip right past all that rehash and ask that you simply bask with us in the winningly unhinged trippiness of this newly-released third video from the splendid All Are One album (oh alright then, we will throw one pull-quote from our review of that record at you, just to remind of the territory we’re about to enter: ““Your Wonderland”’s lift-off…feels like a Cerrone-fed mutant is manning the controls – blatty synths and a phat Venusian undercurrent – [before it] soon enough transmogrifies into the arms-waving, hipswaying hallelujah track of the summer, grounded, spaced-out, both.” Which, now we think of it, rather matches the video, where it would seem Ms Lux, by some odd blend of holistic gluestick magic, has found a way to be both new-age psychedelic and charmingly bespoke. Quite wonderful, we think you’ll agree, so get yourself ready, shake loose your inhibitions, click it up and…sing it out!