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Stereo Embers TRACK OF THE DAY – “Wait Now” by San Francisco band In Letter Form

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Sometimes (OK, rarely), this gig is just too easy, as when we receive, unbidden, a terrific, stirring, inspired piece of music in our email inbox. We all get told some time in our lives that there is no such thing as a free lunch but then something like this first single from San Francisco band In Letter Form lands in our lap and what are we supposed to say, ‘Oh no, we couldn’t, that wouldn’t be right’? Of course not, we say ‘WHOA! COOL! THANKS!’ and then immediately pass it along. Adding to the fertile – if somewhat underground – post-punk scene in the Bay Area that includes Vaniish, Naked Lights, Malditos and many more, In Letter Form come to us, well, fully formed, a discovery so startling we can’t quite make out how they’ve escaped our notice until now, though the title of this early single (a self-titled LP is in production) would seem, in some weird way, to be a self-fulfilling prophecy in that regard. Whatever, we love it, and 2015, as we expected, continues to blow us away.


[feature photo Pixelina Photography]