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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Uma & the Wandering Stars’ “Get Out”

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Uma Starets has always beguiled with her bittersweet vocals that can go from emotively regretful to gently airy in a heartbeat. Whether backed by indie rock instrumentation or symphonic pop production, her captivating vocals shine through.

Starets surrounds herself with a bunch of talented musicians known as the Wandering Stars and together the London-based outfit has released a debut EP entitled Trapped.

“Get Out”, the third single from the EP, breaks free of the restrictive connotations of the record’s name and flies beautifully into the dream-pop atmosphere. Starets sings with sweet, trembling reflection on the verses amid soft guitar chime before lifting off of the chorus sections.

The skyward trajectory is filled with spiraling outwards guitar lines, bright starry notes, and Starets’ angelic vocal tones. The entrancing “Get Out” contains all that could be asked for in a dream-pop tune, including clear and thoughtful lyrics about changing vulnerability to strength and escaping from a bad situation.

The band has also released an involving video for “Get Out” from Bosco Shane that harmoniously matches the song and its themes.

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