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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Twelve A.M. Flowers’ “Darling, Darling”

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Our Track of the Day today should be the first song on your new summer mixtape.

A straight up banger, “Darling, Darling” by Twelve A.M. Flowers is a delicious blast of synth garage stomp that manages in just under three minutes to be one of the catchiest numbers of 2021.

Mastered by Grammy Award-winner Carl Glanville (U2, Jason Mraz), this is the kind of song that will follow you around for weeks. It has the ragged polish of All Shook Down-era Replacements and the pop groove of New Order’s Low-Life.

Led by Kevin McGinnis (The New Rising Sons, Twiggy Branches, Dopo Yume), Twelve A.M. Flowers play a refreshing blend of electro-pop that’s got us here at SEM thinking their upcoming E.P. As They Kiss Consume might very well be the one to watch out for.

Past players in the band include Kevin March from Guided By Voices and Tony Maimone of Pere Ubu, but this new iteration of Twelve A.M. Flowers is as strong as ever and ready to go.

“I am very excited to share ‘Darling, Darling‘—this song feels to me like the most universal tune I’ve written to date by far,” McGinnis tells SEM. “I hope with some help getting people’s ears and eyes on it, that it will spread like wildfire and find itself as the fun, upbeat, song of the summer I think it deserves to be.”


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