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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: The Pull of Autumn’s “Heaven Now”

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In late August the Boston-based RBM Records released the 10 track S/T debut album of the intriguing Newport-Rhode Island collective The Pull of Autumn.

The album is a really interesting and very well-shaped first record played in the vein of ethereal, ambient, indie music. If you are into Popol Vuh, and Brian Eno, or if you find comfort in ethereal music generally then this record is all for you!

The Pull of Autumn is a musical collective and a sort of a super-group comprised of members of pioneering 1970-80s British new wave band Fashion (Luke ‘Skyscraper’ James), Rhode Island’s Johanna’s House of Glamour (Daniel Darrow, Laura Darrow, Bruce MacLeod), and Fred Abong, a founding member of Belly  and an early member of Throwing Muses.

This is a colorful album that rolls along quite easy and pleasant, offering gorgeous melodies, harmonies and ethereal vocals. The psychedelia of “Heaven Now” is among the leading tracks of the LP (the other two are “Laurasong” and “Breathe”) a musical ornament written by Darrow, and Skyscraper James who we find here on guitar and vocals.

“This music means so much to me as I’ve gotten the chance to play music with an artist I really loved and had the opportunity to shape the music into a forward-thinking contemporary sound,” says Darrow.

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