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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: The Chills’ “When The Poor Can Reach The Moon”

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One thing The Chills have proven again and again over the course of their career is that they know how to make good use of three minutes.

It’s no surprise they have a song called “Heavenly Pop Hit” because this is a band who’s always known how to take the sharpest corners of the pop freeway in the smoothest of ways.

And not a second is ever wasted.

After a long hiatus the legendary New Zealand outfit are back with Silver Bullets, their first full-length album in almost twenty years.

Although the band’s braintrust Martin Phillipps is the only original member left in the fold, The Chills have never sounded better.

The new single from the record is “When The Poor Can Reach The Moon” and it’s one of the catchiest numbers of the year–it’s powered by a spry brand of velocity and a peppy charm. It’s also a pop anthem for the downtrodden that comes with rays of hope and optimism.

It’s pretty perfect stuff.


(And buy the record here:)