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Stereo Embers TRACK OF THE DAY – “The Best Way to Drown” by Passenger Peru

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When a band consisting of two Justins from Brooklyn (Gonzales and Stivers) cite the likes of Yo La Tengo, Brian Wilson, and Animal Collective as being responsible – loosely – for the DNA of their sound, they bloody well better deliver. Passenger Peru do in kaleidoscopic spades, dishing with a sort of psych indieĀ au naturel, with their hearts on their unpretentious sleeves, their melodies wholesome but heartbreaking, inspiring but down-to-goddamn-earth real, their lilting rock pop suss betraying the easy effortlessness of the modest genius. In short, we think they’re going to be massive, and are grateful to have finally caught up to them in time to offer you this just-released track from their recently released second album Light Places, issued via the fine auspices of Fleeting Youth Records.