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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Social Station’s “Try (Cross My Heart)”

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Washington’s black roses Social Station recently put out their new maxi single “Try (Cross My Heart),” which also includes a solid collection of remixes by fellow D.C. and Baltimore artists, Br’er of Blight Records, The Holy Circle, Red This Ever, and Tim Phillips.

The song is a gorgeous upbeat and melancholic post-punk bullet with touches of darkwave, the right greyish heartfelt lyrics and romantic vocals. The staccato guitar is like blood drops on paper, the dark bassline brings to mind Simon Gallup, Peter Hook, and David J, while the keys narrate the melody with solitude and loss.

Bassist Jacob Sebastian is a classical musician and that explains the depth of the band’s songwriting, and this number is a masterful musical poem to die for. Carefully orchestrated as it is, it has a sonic accessibility which is designed for dance floors and live gigs.

It is not strange at all that SEM’s Senior Editor Dave Cantrell namechecked the band here in one of his older articles.


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