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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Slighter x Joseph Huxtable’s “Pulling Me Under”

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Slighter’s new single “Puling Me Under” may very well be the dark banger of the summer.

Filled with propulsive bass, percolating percussion and moody prowl, “Pulling Me Under” is a synth-laden electro workout that’s taken from Slighter’s upcoming album The Futile Engine.

Bringing to mind everyone from Front 242 to early Depeche Mode, the song employs the vocal talents of Craig Joseph Huxtable (Ohm, Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, Landscape Body Machine), whose dark purr rolls seamlessly over Slighter’s evocative and cinematic beats.

Of the track, Huxtable says: “For me lyrics-wise, ‘Pulling Me Under’ is all about being locked in a battle with the self, combating depression and negative thinking. The narrative shift back and forth as the song progresses like a fight for the survival of one’s psyche.”

Slighter, which is the sobriquet for the L.A.-based musician Colin C., finds the musician making some of the most exciting electronic music around.

“I think Craig’s vocals on ‘Pulling Me Under’ are some of his best and risky,” Colin C. says of his new single.  “I want to give my friends a challenge to try something new when we work together. The most effortless sort of collaborations happen when you are working with people who bring out the best in you and push each other out of our comfort zones a bit. Every song I do with Craig is like that.”

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