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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Shriekback’s “And The Rain”

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London’s seminal alternative rock outfit Shriekback put out their 14th studio album Why Anything? Why This? back in May.  A stunning 10-track return to form, the album brings to mind their essential work, like Care (1983) and Oil & Gold (1985).

Shriekback is alternative rock, yes, but they’ve always loved keyboards as a basic component in their songs, which straddled the line between new wave and British pop music. Visit their website to get more details about their extensive discography. As for the new material, older fans will simply enjoy their new songs with all their heart, while new fans will enjoy their authentic alternative rock that comes with a very modern sound and decidedly modern arrangements.

The first single “And The Rain” is mounted cleverly on some desert rock heights and styles and it comes with a darkly intriguing video filmed by Howard Davidson (a.k.a. Hodah). The track is recorded with the band in quite a theatrical mood–it’s like new wave cowboy cabaret.


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