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Stereo Embers’ Premiere: Rachael Sage’s “Cave”

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Our exclusive premiere today comes from singer/songwriter Rachael Sage.

“Cave” is taken from her winning new album Character, and the track has its roots deep in Sage’s past.

Written when she was a teenager, Sage recently came across the lyrics to “Cave” and though they had been written in a beloved journal decades earlier, she found them to be as relevant and as resonant as ever.

Of the track, Sage tells us: “I wrote this song while I was in college, where I fell hard for someone who was definitely not ultimately ‘healthy’ for me. It was a very formative experience and left me with a lingering fear of being manipulated or rejected for who I actually was. When I sing it now, the song reminds me to revere authenticity and honesty in all my relationships – and to fully embrace unconditional love.”

A spare and nimble acoustic number, “Cave” is stirring, vulnerable and deeply affecting. Set against a spare acoustic arrangement and featuring strings and accordion riffs, “Cave” showcases Sage’s peerless phrasing and poetic lyrical precision.

The accompanying and inventive clip for “Cave” was art-directed by Sage, directed by longtime collaborator Nick Clark, and animated by Daniela P. Solomon. Employing animated lyrics in Sage’s own hand along with a spartan studio performance of the song, the video is both intimate and moving. 

Sage recently appeared on an episode of Stereo Embers The Podcast to discuss her new album.

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