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Stereo Embers TRACK OF THE DAY – “Pause” by Plug Doctors

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Hailing from what is clearly a fertile hotspot for bracingly good bands – Kraków – Plug Doctors stray well away from what we’ve become accustomed to hearing from the oldest city in Poland (our post-punk lists have been well-populated by Cracovians), instead favoring us with an emotive slice of wistful, yearnful indie rock that holds its sway for six beautiful minutes, putting us in a trance without any of that sense of being lulled. With hints of Built To Spill, Low, Galaxie 500, Slint, all subtly swirled up in an understated psych maelstrom, it’s a sound that defies any certain era which seems to make it ideal for this one. Thing is, the whole record (called Pause) is this good. Have a listen, pick up the record, and help us spread the word. This band deserves far wider renown.