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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Parker + Barrow’s “Low Rider”

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Our track of the day today comes from Parker + Barrow, whose take on War’s “Low Rider” is nothing short of revelatory.

Comprised of Joakim Bjarke–who cut his teeth with the Swedish funkhouse outfit Forever Kid–and singer Caity Croft, Parker + Barrow are one of the most exciting musical finds around.

The L.A.-based duo’s version of “Low Rider” is an unexpected, wholly original and stunning reinterpretation that transforms the song from a streetwise breakdown into a nostalgic trip across the heart, set perfectly against a mesmerizing splash of achingly beautiful electronica.

The track’s blissful beachside opening gives way to a series of plangent beats that roll and shimmy then seamlessly somersault into a dreamy sun-kissed soundscape.

Croft’s delivery has a hypnotic authority and as she re-imagines the car metaphor as a kind of hotrodding of the human heart, you’re more than willing to travel with her anywhere she’d like to go.

Her voice sounds like the end of summer, the beginning of joy and the memory of a dream you haven’t even had yet.

Yes, it’s that good.

Croft weaves in and out of the beats like a surfer navigating the pipeline and as the song rises and falls she rides the groove with grace.

Look for Parker + Barrow’s debut in 2016.

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