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Stereo Embers TRACK OF THE DAY – “Molly Moves My Generation” by The Black Angels

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A couple weeks ago, SEM chose Sonic Jesus’ drone odyssey, “Lost Reprise,” as its track of the day.

Out on and available at Fuzz Club Records, “Lost Reprise” is the B-side of a split single with The Black Angels, who contributed “Molly Moves My Generation” as the A-side.

“Molly” shows The Angels – Alex Maas, Christian Bland, Stephanie Bailey, and Kyle Hunt – at their finest.

Initially propelled by an earthshaking bassline, evocative guitar effects, a haunting Maas lead vocal, and a bevy of cool crescendos, “Molly” turns into a spacious, atmospheric, and meditative section, which highlights Bailey’s drumming.

The track then explodes in a frenzy of swirling noise that only The Angels could have created. The guitars come to the fore, with huge riffs and textured fills, and Maas sings like a man possessed.

Needless to say, “Molly” shows the Angels at their heaviest and most sublime. It ranks right up there with their best work (I’m reminded of 2008’s Directions to See a Ghost) and, hopefully, it’s a stylistic preview of the band’s fifth album, on which Maas, Bland, Bailey, and Hunt are currently at work at their Austin base.


Photo by Courtney Chavanell.