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Stereo Embers TRACK OF THE DAY: Lunar Twin’s “Can’t Stop The Rain”

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“Do not be angry with the rain,” Vladimir Nabokov once wrote. “It simply does not know how to fall upwards.”

On “Can’t Stop The Rain,” Lunar Twin have reconciled with this Nabokovian principle but taking it further, they also have made peace with the fact that storms will come when they want and any resistance will surely be futile.

That said, the indie electronic duo of Chris Murphy and Bryce Boudreau have written a stone-cold banger on the subject that very well may be one of the finest tracks of this young year.

Taken from their winning new album Aurora, “Can’t Stop The Rain” may clock in at under three minutes, but it uses the time wisely. A percussive blend of chill and indie electro soul, “Can’t Stop The Rain” summons the work of both ODESZA and Darklands-era Jesus and Mary Chain.

Buoyed by mesmeric goth grooves and layers of synth loops, on Aurora Lunar Twin have managed to soundtrack the summer before it even starts.

Of the single, Murphy says: “We felt like combining as much of the influence of analog  new wave music  we grew up on and blend it with the sounds of this modern digital world.”

Boudreau adds: “This song I guess is a homage to the tradition of writers using rain as metaphor. The last few years kind of  felt like a deluge with so many of us just trying to find new ways to live and move forward in survival.”

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