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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Linda Em’s “Wild Fire”

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London Irish is the new EP, slated to release on September 21 via Talking Elephant Records, by London-based Irish born singer-songstress Linda Em.

Inside of London Irish are four genuine and salty Irish folk/blues songs all recorded in Dublin, which means that you’ll have all the city’s flavors and aura in that beautiful release.

Linda Em is a skilled singer and a wonderful songwriter who sings of life’s conditions in her own Irish folk & blues style. “Wild Fire” is the first single and it’s all about a power struggle in a relationship built on control and passion, where there can be no victor. Based on that, she shares the vocals with Gavin Glass (who also produced 3 songs and played few instruments on the record) in a quite poetic and rather theatrical bluesy interplay. There’s a perfect, moving balance between them. On the track you’ll notice some Celtic rudiments and a weave of American blues as well.

The most American element though is the color and closeness of Em’s voice to that of Stevie Nicks–the delivery is natural, organic and stirring. Linda Em is a gifted singer, and it’s more than obvious that she’s a cultured and original music talent who, I believe, will keep us busy in the near future with her musings.

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