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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: K Michelle DuBois’ “Wild Weed”

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Happy to be featuring Atlanta singer-songwriter K Michelle DuBois and her new lead single “Wild Weed” from her third solo release Harness LP. No rookie to the alternative rock scene, K Michelle formed her first band Ultrababyfat in 1998 and the pop-punk sound of the band’s Silver Tones Smile album garnered national attention, and led them to getting opening slots for numerous noteworthy acts like Pavement and PJ Harvey.

After the band disbanded in 2005, DuBois formed Luigi to explore her more progressive art-rock leanings, and after a number of years and ample critical acclaim, she re-emerged as a solo artist in 2012 with her debut Lux Capone. At the same time she also contributed vocals for Atlanta’s dream-gazers Parsons Rocket Project! A singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, who also plays percussion, her new 10-track album reveals an experienced and skilled musician who owns a deeply cultivated yet decidedly natural songwriting talent.

That said, “Wild Weed” has it all: alternative rock roots with some prog-rock weeds, and all played with perfection along with her friends Chandler Rentz on drums, and Dan Dixon on guitars, keys, backing vocals and percussion. Dubois dwells in the same sonic tribe as Liz Phair, The Divinyls, The Breeders, Aimee Mann, and Juliana Hatfield. The guitars bite, there’s melody all over every fabulous arrangement and every track overflows with inspiration.

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