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Stereo Embers’ Track Of The Day: Joseph of Mercury’s “Pretty Blonde Boy”

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Canadian singer-songwriter Joseph of Mercury delivers a haunting tribute to past loves with a revamp of his alluring track “Pretty Blonde Boy.”

The song is actually one of his earliest creations when he was toiling as a plaintive troubadour, made before his more recent bid for fame with 2017’s self-titled EP that housed the standout Bowiesque stunner “Find You Inside” and intimate “Without Words.”

The alt-pop crooner shines a light on vintage eras, from the 1950s (“Angel”) to the soulful and groove-filled ‘70s (2020’s Wave II EP) and New Wave ‘80s.

No matter the musical style, it’s Joseph of Mercury’s voice and delivery that thrill listeners as he sweeps from velvety contemplation to richly silky brooding lows and airily yearning highs.

“Pretty Blonde Boy” is a poignant and personal elegy to two of Joseph of Mercury’s more-than-brothers, Dakota and Dymtro, who passed away too early in their lives from drug addiction.

 The symphonic-tinged dreamy darkwave number drives along at a Motorik pace, draped with bittersweet, trembling strings and Joseph of Mercury’s languidly drawn out vocals and seductively melancholic emotions.

Joseph of Mercury candidly reveals, “Two of my oldest, closest, [and] dearest friends, both taken too young. If there is a word beyond ‘brother’ then that’s what they were. Love just wasn’t enough to balance out all that they carried on

their shoulders. Their losses were devastating. In tribute and memorial, for those burdened with pain or crisis, this [song] is a testament to trying to be okay again. To find beauty, appreciation, [and] gratitude in what feels hurtful, hollowing, [and] unfair.”  

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