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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise’s “I Am God” (with Marselle Hodges)

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Can John Fryer do no wrong?

Yeah, didn’t think so, as evidenced by ‘I Am God’ created under his ongoing project Black Needle Noise, this time featuring the vocals of The Blue Hour’s Marselle Hodges. It should also be mentioned that Marselle created the stunning video to go along with the track.

A gorgeous mixture of Electronica, Industrial and World Music with vocals that one cannot help but compare to early Kate Bush, this track has it all. There is no nod to who’s ‘God’ “I am” either, just that, “I can never die” as any deity can boast. The soaring intonations lilt over a delicate rhythm that give way to the colossal boom Fryer is known for. This is definitely another fine feather in the BNN cap.


Lyrics & Vocals Marselle Hodges

All other noises by John Fryer

Black Needle Noise
instagram: @black_needle_noise