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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Evan Jewett’s “Pink Grout”

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Evan Jewett is a Californian-born, NYC-based singer/songwriter/furniture maker.

A triple threat, for sure.

Let me explain.

Aagoo Records has announced Jewett’s debut LP on September 14 in various formats, including digital and vinyl. The title of his 10-track debut album is Don’t Feel to Work and I guess that this is what happens when a busy, hard-working carpenter like Jewett is itching to take time off to make music and travel around the world singing his songs.

A brilliant storyteller, Jewett plays charming indie folk in the vein of Father John Misty, Sparklehorse, Beck, and Yo La Tengo. “Pink Grout” is the lead single taken from an album of colorful indie-folk, blues, Americana, and a country-wise blend of stories and incidents. The album was written piecemeal during stays in various apartments and it is a stoic patchwork of songs about bloody roommates, detached people stuck inside, and kids wandering the hills.

About “Pink Grout,” there was a woman I once lived with in Queens, who was going through some difficult times and presented me with some grisly imagery I won’t soon forget,” says Evan who dressed that story with the appropriate music which he cleverly blended with a squirmy piano melody.

That’s Jewett’s trademark–dressing up stories with the always right music, even if it’s just a guitar riff or the vocal line or the arrangement.

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