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Stereo Embers TRACK OF THE DAY – Deadcuts (feat. members of Miranda Sex Garden, Senseless Things, Wonder Stuff and Queen Adrena) “Summon the Witches

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Summoning not just witches but memories of the Libertines at their most rockingly shockingly dissolute (assuming they actually ever reached it), the Damned at their darkest, and Suede (if, that is, they’d ever figured out how to even remotely let themselves go and rock the fuck out), as well as attracting the apocalyptic sermonizing talents of one Very Reverend D. Wayne Love of Alabama 3, “Summon the Witches” has no problem meeting expectations that Deadcuts’ illustrious pedigree might suggest. Slicing, classic, touched by that decadent élan of effortlessness that all great singles possess, we here at SEM are as thrilled as we’ve ever been to have had a band get in touch through the usual channels. If only every out-of-the-blue contact reaped rewards this rich. The fact that the drop-dead audio is accompanied by such dark visual splendor from director Lou Smith (Fat White Family, Nick Cave, et al), with its lurid garnet palette and cultish, psycho-noir feel – with, by the way, mildly NSFW content – simply ups the visceral/surreal ante until it’s damn near addictive. Which is good, seeing as the song at hand demands no less.

[check out Deadcuts label Speedwax Records here]