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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Cosmopolis’ “The Distances”

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International alternative/art-rock outfit Cosmopolis recently launched their dark and atmospheric third single, “The Distances,” which is quite an appropriate song for our fast-becoming dystopian world.

In relation to the song’s title, Cosmopolis’ members are scattered across the globe, residing in the UK, Belgium, and Australia.

Gavin Kendall (singer, multi-instrumentalist), Nicolas Payelle (guitars, bass, multi-instrumentalist), David Hussey (drums, percussion), and Liz Haak (guest backing vocals) have a knack for capturing the anxiety and malaise that courses through our collective veins, especially of late.

The mesmerizing “The Distances” is a slow-drip of melancholic angst, running unhurriedly on a slowly dispersed rhythmic beat, shimmering cymbals tap, sharply shining guitar, subtly toiling bass line, and looming to menacing synth and electronic sonics.

Kendall sings-talks with a dusky and direct delivery, while Haak adds her dreamier vocal register, akin to Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser in her more delicate moods.

The song’s lyrics are stark, with the pair hypnotically intoning, “Don’t stay / You’re not welcome here / You’re not wanted here / Get out of here…”

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