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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Christopher Sky’s “End Of An Era”

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Late last year Aagoo Records released Vastness, the third full-length album from the LA-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Sky (a.k.a. Christopher Garcia).

Sky’s record is absolutely for fans of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Erik Satie, and Brian Eno, and for fans who are also impressed by Philip Glass’ stunning sonic soundscapes.  Sky follows the same instrumental ambient music path where all instruments come together to form a narration of sounds with a thoughtful, but edgy approach. Employing guitar, rhodes piano, electronics and loops, the innovative composer crafts soundscapes that feel boundless and expansive.

A lone composer who understands the emotions and nature alone, Sky creates ambient electronic music with synths, loops and pedal effects and this whole sonic sequence leads the listener on a rewarding, experimental journey.

“End Of An Era” is a perfect example of Sky’s innovation and unique creative vision.

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