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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Aliens’ “Nothing”

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Our Track of the Day today comes from the UK outfit Aliens.

The band’s sophomore album 30lbs of Air is a wondrous blend of lush, affecting ballads and sophisticated pop songs.

The third single from the critically-acclaimed record is “Nothing,” which is one of the year’s catchiest tracks. Singer Tim May is a commanding frontman who knows how to deliver a hook.

And “Nothing” isn’t short on hooks.

A textured blend of lashing post-punk and pure pop mastery, “Nothing” is an intoxicating call-and-response number that’s as driving as it is elegant. Filled with fiery resolve, “Nothing” is a rousing reminder to trust ourselves and to walk through the world, no matter how brutal it can be, with our heads held high.

Filmed in Hastings and shot, directed and edited by Ali Jassim, the video for “Nothing” is powerful and inspiring.

Check out Aliens on Bandcamp.