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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Ali Jafri’s “Catch Your Breath”

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Ali Jafri’s new single “Catch Your Breath” takes us on a more personal journey that all of humanity is facing in unison. The song was written during a time of isolation and reflection while on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has literally affected our day-to-day way of life on a global scale. The song guides us with Ali’s reflective plea that now is a great time to reassess our lives and reshape the future.

“Catch Your Breath” has an eclectic ambiance highlighting Ali Jafri’s experimental use of the sitar. “Bowie meets The Doors on acid” seems to be the running theme here, defined by the Zoom Music Conference spearheaded by Pigface’s Martin Atkins. The song was voted into the top 10 of 50 submissions by industry professionals Matt Eidson, Martin Atkins, Brian Abbott, and Ricco Lumpkins, to name a few.

Jafri explains, “The inspiration behind this is the current lockdown situation. It’s about taking inventory and cutting the shit. ‘Catch Your Breath’ refers to a couple of things, there are people that are on ventilators, with pneumonia-like symptoms due to Covid-19 and breathing laboriously, while some are (thankfully) forced out of the rat-race and have a chance to literally and figuratively catch their breath and reassess the lives we’re living. I believe we have a chance to reshape a more equitable and environmentally responsible world and the old ways are dying. We need to wise up and cut the shit. If we have a chance to sensitize, it’s right now. ‘Is that a tear in your eye’ can be taken a few ways. It’s a jeer at those whining about going back to ‘normal,’ it’s also a call to sensitize and see what we’ve done. It’s time to get real.”

Ali Jafri is a highly talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, synth, percussion & sitar) and is an extended Pigface family member. He’s also had the opportunity to travel and play with Bauhaus bassist David J for a string of ‘living room style’ shows along with sharing the stage at Convergence 23 Festival in Dallas, TX. He is the former frontman of the band ARIEL and current partner in multimedia electro-operatic, celtic, eastern world fusion duo SAINTFIELD. His eclectic style spans from post-punk, shoegaze, industrial to world music. His vocals are noted for its deep and resonant and emotional quality.


Released May 22, 2020

Ali Jafri – Lyrics, vocals, sitar, bass VI, guitar, keyboards, programmming.

Mixed by Ali Jafri at Das Bunker at Saintfield Productions

Mastered by Andy Krehm

Special thanks to Ciara Adams, Martin Atkins, Zayn Jafri, Brandon Cronenberg, Christopher Lewis, Judy Lyon and DJ Nocturna

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