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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF DAY: Moonshine Booze’s “Happy”

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Those Italian madcaps, the spooky rock ‘n’ roll troupe of Moonshine Booze present the second single off their debut album Desert Road released via Seahorse Recordings.

Moonshine Booze is a band emerging deeply from the Rock-and-Roll-is-Here-to-Stay-Babe maxim. They’re loud, groovy players and very well educated in sleazing it all up with no remorse. And they’re funny like Commedia all’italiana  which is actually a very serious art that ridicules politics and modern society. The band’s new surreal video is shot against the backdrop of vivid Kafkaesque scenery (in a steampunk mood, too) which is written by Emiliano Zapata (the band’s guitarist and backing vocalist) and realized by Jessica Montebello, who shot and edited the clip, in addition to her tremendous artistic contribution involving certain peculiar characters, like a clown, obsessed by chronic mood swings.

This is a smoky and dark journey through darkness and light, a journey towards happiness and the demolition of social rules.

…and why not also watch the previous first single with the fiery retro-freakish and humorous video, The Place.

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