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STEREO EMBERS TRACK OF THE DAY – “A Way with Words” by Ghent-based band Korinthians

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My damn god but we love a strafing post-punk sound round here. And out of a relative nowhere – Mattias simply, y’know, got in touch – we have Belgium’s Ghent-based Korinthians, bringing a synth-drunk, propulsive slice of New (non)-Romantic darkwave to the fore. Full of portent and scathing commentary regarding our sorry modern-day obsession with a sort of rebellious social conformity, “A Way With Words” simply eviscerates the current hipster dynamic that tends to double as ‘coolness,’ as ‘chic,’ as, in fact, ‘presence.’ As ultimately occurs to its participants, it’s not any of that, but instead fleeting moments of false connection. Whatever, you get the drift, and for further confirmation, catch Korinthians’ uncompromising video. Watch (and listen to) this intensely, or stare away blithely into your phone, the effect is the same: alienation in a modern, Millennial context. Enjoy it while you can, we say, we’re all doomed in our dark melodic way.