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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Tom Woodward’s “Beautiful Shadows”

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Australian indie folk singer-songwriter Tom Woodward is slated to drop his album Beautiful Shadows on March 8th. On the LP, Woodward gets an assist from a handful of talented musicians including Munro Melano, Sean Hamilton, Chris Hancock, Yen Nguyen, and Hubert Von Kunt.

The wandering poet recorded the album while traveling around Australia and this restless spirit permeates its 10 tracks. Woodward has been performing his music in bars and other venues and on street corners while on his nomadic journey that has taken him from his native Australia to the US and Japan.

The title track is a deeply ruminative piece that relies on just piano, acoustic guitar, and Woodward’s voice. In the vein of Red House Painters, Woodward reflects upon the hidden aspects of the heart with dreamy, but bleak lyrics and vocal delivery. His voice is infused with a hushed longing that at times turns into an airier yearning that is set against the measured placement of piano notes and acoustic guitar lines. A fading-daylight feel hangs over the track as a haunted Woodward speaks of being “forever lonely…”

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