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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: The Tigerlillies’ Shipwrecked

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Post-punk/power pop band The Tigerlillies may be from Cincinnati, Ohio, but they have a deep appreciation for classic British rock and it shines through on many a tune, including latest single “Shipwrecked”. The 7”, which is backed by “Lovers Du”, is set to make landfall on February 17th via Sir Gregory Records.

The four-piece consists of founding members and brothers Pat (vocals, guitar) and Steve (vocals, drums) Hennessy, Brian Driscoll (bass), and Brendan Bogosian (lead guitar). Over the past decade, the band has delivered a string of singles and albums on various independent record labels. The Tigerlillies brews up a potent and direct blend of garage rock, British rock, punk, and ‘60s soul on its songs.

This upcoming 7” follows the release of 2016’s 123456 EP and “Shipwrecked” shows the band in a roaming mood as it launches into loops of distorted guitar grind and a high-kicking drum beat. Pat Hennessy cries out with fervor, “…on your own / on board nobody home…” amid a choppy pace of short guitar jags and brief drum strikes. Hennessy is backed by shouted out chorus vocals and his tone is a bit reminiscent of Johnny Lydon is its curt, exclaimed passion.

Get into the roving over the high seas spirit of “Shipwrecked” and chant along with the band on this sonically see-sawing, but not seasick number.

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