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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Sophie Lowe’s “Pink Flowers”

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There’s something about Sophie Lowe’s latest single, “Pink Flowers”, that remains enticingly in the listener’s brain. Lowe is best known as an Australian film and TV actress, but she has roots as a singer-songwriter as well. She’s performed in movies like Beautiful Kate, Road Kill, After The Dark, and What Lola Wants and TV fare like The Slap, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, The Returned, and The Beautiful Lie.

Concurrent with her acting career, Lowe has created music under the moniker SOLO, releasing a 5-song EP in 2013. She has since decided to use her own name when releasing her musical material. At the end of November, Lowe unveiled her 7-song follow-up EP 2, which contains the seductive, relationship dynamics-based “Pink Flowers”. On this track Lowe alternates between sexily menacing verses and sweetly haunting chorus refrains.

Sophie stalks with erotic purpose through the verses, beguilingly twisting her words while occasionally backed by deep, slo-mo male vocals that sound like they jumped in from a hip-hop number. Amid the subdued instrumental accompaniment of an eerily suspended synth line, light percussion, and sporadic, snapping whip cracks, Lowe intones provocatively “Take off all my clothes / That’s right, I’m flexible.”

The restrained vibe of the verses blooms into a more wistful mood on the chorus with Lowe fluttering airily through the lines “Show me how you’re feeling / Don’t you want to know / how to let it go?” while the beat picks up and little synth squiggles are added to the mix. In keeping with the song’s subject, the video focuses on Lowe’s comely features and come-hither looks. While the theme of “Pink Flowers” appears to be superficial, the song still leaves a deeply alluring impression.