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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY – Shane Henry’s “Save Me”

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Oklahoma-raised, LA-residing singer-songwriter/musician Shane Henry has a passion for the blues – and for rock ‘n’ roll. He started out learning how to play the guitar at a young age, and he’s applied his expertise as a guitarist to a number of endeavors, including recording and releasing six records, performing numerous times with singer-songwriter/pianist Maggie McClure, and supporting legend B.B. King on a 30-date tour.

Henry is now prepping to release his latest album, Light in the Dark, on April 28th. On the LP he brings his rousing, rock-oriented take on the blues and soul music, while buffing it with a smoother, melodic pop polish.

The hearty and heartfelt “Save Me”, which takes all those aforementioned music genres into account, resounds with electrifying guitar riffs, soulful searching, and vibrant instrumental uplift. Even through the struggles of life and mistakes we make, Henry aims for a positive view on experiences we all go through.

A stomping drum beat and harmonica squawk start off “Save Me” on a thrilling note. A gritty guitar grind follows and spins off the drum tread lead as Henry comes in, exclaiming on the verse, “When I got down to the river / I saw the Devil come my way.”

The chorus amps the sonics up with cymbals strikes, tambourine hits, the wavering trill of chilled harmonica, and lean streaks of bluesy guitar. Henry desperately pleads that he’s “searching for salvation” and “Lord, save me.” His angst is palpable, and relatable, on this tale of sin and (hopefully, at some point) redemption.


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