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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: “Pulse” by Galapaghost

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New York-raised, Italy-visiting, and now Texas-residing indie electronic/ folk artist Casey Chandler records under the whimsical name Galapaghost, but on his latest single he tackles a tough subject with a heavy heart and clear vision – and the outlook isn’t pretty or uplifting.

On the potent new tune “Pulse”, whose lyrics are inspired by the tragic Pulse nightclub terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida last year, Chandler adopts a weary, yet still light vocal tone, mourning the fact that senseless violence, ‘in-the-name-of’ religion, or whatever cause, continues unabated.

At its start, “Pulse” flows with mellifluous guitar strum and curling electronic touches as Chandler softly, but emphatically sings on the chorus, “But we’ll hear it all again / We’ll feel it all again / The cycle never ends.”

Sharper, darker, echoed electric guitar jabs, heightened synths, and a marching pace appear midway through as Chandler ruefully decries, “…you kill ‘em all again / All the brilliant minds of mankind.” Bittersweet piano notes and spectral choral vocals eventually materialize, adding a rich sonic patina to the plaintive nature of the song’s core.

Galapaghost’s new album Pulse will released in January 2018.

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