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Stereo Embers’ Track of The Day: Paul Littlewood “Today”

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This is Mr. Paul Littlewood from Sheffield UK; a singer, songwriter, and music producer, and an original spokesman of the primary and glorious British indie pop/rock music scene.

If you love the Albion’s coolness and its storytellers’ bonanza then you must check out his forthcoming double A-side single “Today-Television” on Anklebreka Records this April.

Littlewood has released a number of records as a solo artist in the last 15 years and has also appeared with a number of bands including Fights, Fallen Trees, and Eastern Seaboard Radio Station. I’ll mention first his ability in putting us in the misty atmosphere of his melodies in his so cool, almost rainy style of songs. As for his artistic and performing skills, he has a nice and a friendly voice that he places in the songs quite softly and politely, like inviting the listener into a chat with him. Then, he arranges the whole composition in the British indie style loading a lot of elements that may stay there as sparkling and hidden sonic flashes, while in the mix he puts it all in a clear balance.

“Today-Television”  is built on a successful riff by a skilled singer and the arrangement swirls and shimmers with blurred sonic edges.

All instruments on this track, except for kit and bass guitar, which were performed by Graham Sutherland, were performed by Littlewood.

Kepp Up With Paul Littlewood