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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Ghost Color’s “In Other Words”

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Sacramento, CA-based alternative rock band Ghost Color released a powerful EP titled American Book Of The Dead last month and its first track, “In Other Words”, is the perfect introduction to an act that blends the burn and grind of ‘90s alt-rock with the expansiveness and exploration of modern post-rock.

American Book Of The Dead is Ghost Color’s second EP and it’s both heavy and lofty, dark and light, full of turmoil and (some) hope in the musical and emotional senses. Chris Winstead (drums, main vocals), Bryan Harty (bass, backing vocals), and Eric Davis (guitar) have crafted a potent four-track EP that delves into life’s challenges.

“In Other Words” rocks with an oceanic sway of bass, guitar, and drums as Winstead draws out his anxious-tone vocals, imploring, “Tortured and beaten / according to life / You can’t run…” A weighty, staccato pace lurches through the tune, as if the tempo is trying to find its bearings in a disoriented world, mirroring the intent of the bleak lyrics.

The roiling, grungy instrumentation gives way at times to a brighter register of higher flying, gleaming guitar lines while Winstead pushes his vocals out and up with a desperate edge, declaring, “Cover up all the lies / Now you’re all alright.” The truth, however, is far from that statement, but what is more than alright is this mightily affecting song.

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