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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Fire The Animal’s “Dirty Water”

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Photo courtesy of Fire The Animal

Our Track of the Day today comes from one of our new favorite bands, Fire The Animal.

This L.A. quintet plays with heart and nerve and their new EP Baby Horns firmly establishes them as one of the most fresh and vital American bands in the business.

The first single is “Dirty Water” and it’s a throaty blast of melodic muscle and West Coast cool. It’s one of those rare numbers that sounds like a memory but feels like the future–it summons summer and the everclear forever days of youth and sex and sprinting through the night with big ideas and a big sloppy heart that doesn’t care it it’s wrong or right.

You remember those.

In “Dirty Water” the drums pound, the beat’s a scruffy ball of pounce and snarl and the chorus catches fire and stomps its way through the number with the kind of post-punk authority of early Replacements or later Lemonheads.


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