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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Autumn’s “The Fall”

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Time, and perhaps fortune has brought back Autumn.

The band had released two records some 20 years ago that were produced by the acknowledged music man William Faith, the guy from Christian Death, Faith And The Muse, The March Violets, and The Bellwether Syndicate etc. Late last year, the Minneapolis trio (Julie Plante, Jeff leyda, Neil McKay) released the single “The Fall” along with  “Before and After,” and a remix of the title track by Mr. Faith, who also handled the whole studio work of the release.

With the new Chandelier LP coming in early 2018, the single is musically dedicated to all of us darkwavers and batcave creatures of the world, drawing from the beloved sound from the past and and the fresh grooves of the future.


The the guitars here shiver deliciously while the bass keeps the song on a solid base, along with a drum machine that sounds like a pale and strict element which keeps the dark pace. Along with the enchanting vocals of Julie Plante, this is an astonishing single with character.  Songs like “The Fall” were born in dedicated clubs offering groovy tunes to dance to while a whole scene was developing in California, London, Rome and Paris that was giving the underground alternative sound a shot of much-needed darkness.

That said, “The Fall” is lush, passionate, melodic and dark music for the winter–it beautifully counts the melancholic reflection of time as it passes…

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