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Stereo Embers’ Song Premiere: The Royal Oui Cover The Lemonheads’ “The Outdoor Type”

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Canadian-American folk-pop duo The Royal Oui is releasing a sweet cover of Smudge’s “The Outdoor Type” and Stereo Embers is pleased to host the premiere right here.

Adrienne Pierce and Ari Shine each had a long-running solo career before they met and ended up falling in love and getting married. Their connection also turned into a musical union in the form of The Royal Oui in 2014. They released a debut self-titled album and followed that up with dancier second LP This Is Someday.

Catchy indie pop and heartfelt folk meld on The Royal Oui’s songs and they’ve been hailed by music media giants like Rolling Stone and American Songwriter.

The Royal Oui’s cover of “The Outdoor Type” catches them in a laid-back, acoustic mood with upbeat guitar strum modulated by more reflective steel guitar curls. A delicate Pierce and a hushed Shine twine their gentle vocals like young ivy vines delighting in the soft sunshine. A beautiful cover of a radiant tune.

As the pair puts it, “When life gives you lemons, make a Lemonheads cover. The Royal Oui celebrates the last days of summer with a wistful version of this campfire gem. “The Outdoor Type,” originally by Australian band Smudge, was made almost famous by Evan Dando and The Lemonheads. Whether your idea of adventure is summiting a mountain or grabbing a table on the patio of your favorite cafe, this song is for you.”

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