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Stereo Embers SINGLE OF THE WEEK – “I Was At A Party” by Weird Hot

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Coming to us on the recommendation of fellow Philadelphian and Northern Arms kingpin Keith Richard Peirce, Weird Hot confirm even further the existence of a deep, rich vein of pop smarts emanating from the cradle of liberty and cheesesteaks. Releasing a debut album late last year produced by the band and a three-headed cohort of co-producers (in the case of “I Was At A Party” and two other tracks on the album it was on-his-way-to-legendary Jeff Ziegler) the band’s self-titled debut is one of 2014’s missed albums that SEM plans on covering this month. In the meantime, groove your groovy self to this, the album’s first single – and opening track – as smart a piece of narrative tunesmithery as we’ve heard in quite some time. Wry, urbane, and witty as hell, attached to a video worthy of the Coen brothers (and starring the band), this is one helluva way to start the new year.

[order Weird Hot’s self-titled debut here]