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STEREO EMBERS SINGLE + VIDEO PREVIEW – “Hush, Hush” from the marvelously reconvened Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

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In many, if not most instances, the rearrival of an eclectic, eccentric, virtually inimitable band like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum would warrant qualifiers like “The Amazing Return of…” or “The Astonishing…” or whatever adjective of unbelievability you’d care to suggest, not least since the ‘band that shall not be easily described’ unbanded themselves when Barack Obama was in the third year of his first term, Harry Potter was was in his deathly hallows and the popular music charts were dominated by names like Bruno, Adele, Cee-Lo, Christine and Katy. That would be 2011 should you need an historical pinpoint and while the howls of pained disbelief from their many devoted admirers echoed about the land like a tsunami of wounded banshee wails, fact was that, by all accounts, the time had come, the clock had sprung a gasket, the innate chemistry had become the equivalent of a tab of acid stepped on a dozen times over. ‘Finis!’, the gods had declared and who among us argues with those voices. So, the world tottered on, the peculiar cravings SGM had inspired in their legions found other, no doubt (far) less savory outlets while their memories of the real thing overshadowed all such efforts and, past an extended period of mourning, a new, less interesting equilibrium was found. Sigh and cie la vie and all that but here’s the thing. An entity like the Museum is constitutionally guaranteed to never disappear. It’s not a little like that old – if quite correct – saw that nothing in this universe ever ‘disappears,’ the entire gobsmacking ball of wax being a system of chaos that’s always, however counterintuitively, in balance. A truth as freaky as it is pedestrian, it’s pertinence here cannot be overstated as it underlines why those sensationalist qualifiers mooted up above can’t possibly apply in this situation. In our view, Sleepy Gorilla Museum’s prodigal return is actually, both universe-wise and energy-wise, inevitable. There’s simply too much physics at play. They’re here forever, they’re the memory that refuses to fade, the force that cannot be cancelled. Thus it is SEM’s solemn duty to participate in the joy of that pretty much pre-ordained return by bringing you the latest advance single to be released from the soon-to-be-released full-length Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of the Last Human Being, released February 23rd on Joyful Noise off-shoot imprint AVANT NIGHT. Called “Hush, Hush,” it’s a lush, exploratory, intimate, fearless pop gambol that colors itself psychedelic even as it cozies up to your heart like some fugitive conspirator of love come to take you (very very willing) hostage. So, whatever you’re doing, working painting writing poetry taking out the garbage fixing the radiator, drop it and listen. Your day will immediately improve immeasurably. You’re welcome…