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Stereo Embers JUNE PLAYLIST – 20 songs you should REALLY be listening to

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Our new-music guru Scott Hanavan has been busy as usual lately rounding up all kinds of fresh tracks to broaden our horizons and tweak our psyches. He sent us fifteen or so the other day and we’ve added a few tracks of our own that have been making us go just a bit doolally these past few weeks to make it an even and magical twenty. Our suggestion? Load these up on whatever your personal player of choice is and lose yourself in an electric haze of transcendent tuneage. Spotify? Nah! Try StereoEmberfy© instead!

BOAN – “Mentiras”


SPECTRES (UK) – “Mirror”




CROSSS – “Interlocutor”


THROW DOWN BONES – “Saturator”


ELEPHANT STONE – “Living For Something – Alex Maas Remix”


THEE OH SEES – “Withered Hand”


IT’S FOR US – “Not Enough”


TORRES – “Strange Hellos”


THE BLIND SHAKE – “Dots in the Fog”


CROCODILES – “Crybaby Demon”


DRAB MAJESTY – “Unknown to the I”


HOP ALONG – “Texas Funeral”


TANGRAMS – “In Love”


INSTITUTE – “Giddy Boys”


TAME IMPALA – “Let It Happen”


FÖLLAKZOID – “Electric”


THE GRANITE SHORE – “Widows and Orphans”


LANGUAGE OF SHAPES – “Push Hard and Swallow”


WHITE HILLS – “Automated City”