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STEREO EMBERS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREVIEW – The Apartments’ “I Don’t Give a Fuck About You Anymore”

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2020’s reputation is being rather mercilessly battered and rightly so seeing as it could easily be portrayed as a whack-a-mole game gone off on a nightmarish, steroidal rage, the creatures popping out of their respective holes getting gnarlier and more vicious with every passing day. It is, then, of utmost importance that we recognize those rare moments that have brought us joy, allowed us moments of revelry, offered succor in whatever way they could. Locked down citizens singing off their balconies in Italy, penguins given free rein to roam through their aquarium at night or go on field trips to the nearby natural museum, restaurants, themselves staring at an uncertain future, donating food to healthcare workers. And, lest we forget (not likely around here or in your life, we’d reckon), the steady stream of great records that have continued to roll off the presses at their more or less usual  – which is to say, in pandemic terms, heroic – rate, one of which we here were particularly grateful for being the Apartments’ In and Out of the Light

Just the second – and a half if you factor in 2013’s Seven Songs – full-length this century from Peter Milton Walsh’s enduring, writerly project, the album was, quite appropriately, fêted from every quarter (click that link just above for our take), and we have to say it gives us great honor to present the world premier of the latest video from the album, a playful, inventive, ultimately touching multi-media piece that captures the essence of the track in a way both entirely unexpected and spot-on. Buoyed by a score that could conceivably have been dreamed up for some winsome, Paris-set rom com circa 1962, “I Don’t Give A Fuck About You Anymore” has, as is frequently Walsh’s wont, a wily ace up its wistful sleeve which we’ll leave for your own discovery (hint: 2:30), a slyly willful, emotional twist the visual style captures with apt grace. With kudos to producer/director Meriel O’Connell and her creative team, enjoy this trip through one of In and Out of the Light‘s most emblematic tracks. [In and Out of the Light available from Talitres here]