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Stereo Embers EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIER – Shane Tutmarc’s “I Never Said Anything”

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Ever since discovering the shamelessly upfront, fuck-you beguiling Star Anna a few years ago in the form of the Go To Hell album, the name Shane Tutmarc has been etched on our consciousness here at SEM as he co-wrote two of that stirring album’s best tracks, “Let Me Be” and “Mean Kind of Love.” Based out of Nashville (after leaving Seattle, where he fronted the band Dolour wherein Robin Pecknold got his start) and well-respected as both a writer and session player, Tutmarc’s bona fides made it an editorial slam dunk when offered the chance to premier a track off his upcoming new single. Blending the easy indie groove of Kurt Vile with the classic strains of pop songwriting that he couldn’t help but pick up during his time in Music City, the track resounds with a kind of casual professionalism that’s becoming rarer by the day in our daily musical lives. More of this, please.