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Stereo Embers EXCLUSIVE – Stream WAVEFUNCTION, the new album from Arrica Rose & the …’s

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[Photo by Brooke Nipar]


Every year about this time a gem of a record sneaks unannounced on to the turntable here at Stereo Embers. Last year it came from The Cloak Ox (Shoot The Dog), this year it arrives in the form of WAVEFUNCTION, the sophomore release from LA outfit Arrica Rose & the …’s (say “Dot Dot Dots” when talking about them, which you’re going to be doing a lot of). A concept album of sorts both in content and, umm, concept – details can be found in our review here – and sparklingly full of lambent, sophisticated, honest, and frankly just plain gorgeous songwriting and studio virtuosity, the record manages that rarest of feats in being both timeless and immediate. But don’t take our word for it. Clear 42 minutes off your calendar, slip on some comfortable, high-fidelity headphones, and have a listen for yourself. Just don’t be surprised if the songs follow you home, follow you to the store, follow you no matter where you go.