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STEREO EMBERS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIER – Ex-BTS bassist Brett Nelson’s Sick Wish debut new single “7th Song”

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As reinventions go, it’s been revelatory, bordering, perhaps, on epic. As we’ve covered before here at SEM when they first emerged and, more recently, with the release of their debut mini-album Riddelvoid, Sick Wish, the new-ish band from former Built To Spill bassist Brett Nelson, amounts to nothing less that a new-generation post-punk powerhouse, something readily apparent if you clicked on that word ’emerged’ up above. All of which makes us proud as fck to offer you a premier peek at the video for the band’s second official single release “7th Song,” a more lithe outing than its predecessor but nonetheless attended by a galloping rhythmic imprint, an intertwining synth/guitar melodic line that lands midfield between Magazine and a kind of bucolic Ultravoxx. Add in a vocal that mixes sanguine desperation with something of an ominous intimacy and you pretty much have the type (digital) 7″ that would fit comfortably in the both the singles stock of Aquarius Records circa 1980 and any self-respecting modern-day post-punk outlet servicing the boundless resurgence we’re experiencing here in 2017. In short, Sick Wish is the real deal and “7th Song” is nothing if not a rousing confirmation of that very fact. Vigorous and delirious, the resurrection going on right now is rather breathtaking, and this unlikely band from Boise, Idaho is right in the thick of it. [Riddelvoid available on CD and download here]