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STEREO EMBERS EXCLUSIVE PREMIER – “Eternal Resurrection” by Mystic Priestess, Newest Single Off Upcoming “PTP Sessions” Cassette

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Charging out of its dark-synth arpeggiated intro like a, well, mystic force of nature, “Eternal Resurrection,” the newest track taken off the soon-to-be-released PTP Sessions cassette from darkwave capitol Oakland’s Mystic Priestess, proceeds to carve out a unique corner of the goth-infested landscape by virtue (OK, dark virtue, but still) of, for one, a relentless melodic charm mixed with a finessed fierceness of delivery that traces – and rivals – a deathrock lineage that runs from Rubella Ballet to Masquerade and clear through to Arctic Flowers, and the appearance, however briefly, of a saxophone that can’t help but prompt an audio glimpse of X-Ray Spex.

It’s that latter that cements the impression of a certain fearlessness at play, an impression that, yes, was previously stoked by “Smoke and Mirrors”, the first track the band made available from PTP Sessions a couple weeks ago, but if you’re asking us the promise shown back then explodes with a brutal beauty here on “Eternal Resurrection.” Thus, dear darkhearted reader, should you encounter anyone that for one second doubts the vitality, the energy, the innate inventiveness of the current-day ‘scene,’ point them post-haste in the direction of this fiery-but-oh-so-grounded Bay Area 5-piece. It’s not possible for any track to more signal the notion of a band having ‘arrived.’ [picture credit: Bailey Kobelin; pre-order one of the 300 limited-run purple cassettes here]