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Stereo Embers’ Album Premiere: Richie Dagger’s Crime’s Tenderness EP

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Photo Credit: Arica Schuett and John Theroux

Equal parts rock, funk, soul, and dub, Seattle, WA’s Richie Dagger’s Crime, and their debut EP Tenderness, transcend genre conventions. Released in anticipation of their forthcoming full-length, Tenderness is a satisfying and unconventional tease, a ‘covers’ record that includes original compositions.

Featuring tracks by Gonjasufi (“Sheep”), Joe Jackson (“Steppin’ Out”), and Mother Love Bone (“Chloe the Dancer”), among others, the disparate relationship of the artists in question create a challenge that RDC capably answers.

Birthed in the fertile imagination of classically-trained frontman, innovative producer, and Chicago transplant Richie Nelson, Richie Dagger’s Crime embodies the majesty of pop music at its finest. Top-notch musicians Eric Padget (Vince Mira, Devotchka, Correspondents), Chris Anderson (Gorillaz, Mos Def), Coreena, and more join Nelson as Richie Dagger’s Crime.

The effortless R&B groove of opener “Just a Little Bit” gives way to the anthemic rock of the title track: a reimagined iteration of General Public’s “Tenderness.”  Joe Jackson’s hit “Steppin Out” is garnished with an electro-pop treatment that ends with a frenetic, isolated drum beat before the hauntingly beautiful swells of highlight track “It’s Only Noise” take over.

Among the many strengths inherent in this collection, sincerity and depth of influence are the most striking. This is NOT an assemblage of disaffected, ironic pop covers by an indie band hungry for blog clicks. This is a band of hardcore music fans drawing from a vast collection of their disparate influences. Nelson’s gentle croon is engaged, always true to the emotion of his words, holding nothing back. The rhythmic pulse and complimentary melodic styles of his band play to those emotions with equal force.

Tenderness EP was released digitally on June 13th and gets its physical release June 16th with a special show from Richie Dagger’s Crime at LoFi Performance Gallery in Seattle with Afrocop, Real Don Music, and OC Notes providing support.

The EP was produced by Kjell Nelson at Cabin Games Studio, mastered by Steve Trundage, and released via CTPAK Records.


“Just a Little Bit” / Groove Theory

“Tenderness” / General Public

“Steppin’ Out” / Joe Jackson

“It’s Only Noise” / Jamie XX

“Chloe Dancer” / Mother Love Bone

“Sheep” / Gonjasufi

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