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Spend The Night: Deer Tick Live At Rough Trade Records, Brooklyn

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Deer Tick are not only one of my favorite live bands, they’re one of my favorite bands.


So when I heard that the Providence, Rhode Island outfit were set to play Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn, there was no way I wasn’t going.

And it was a good thing I did. The band played a perfect set that was filled with ragtag charm, rootsy hustle and ramshackle rock and roll.

Singer John McCauley was in cranky form and it gave each number a blistering urgency. “The Bump” was killer, “Doomed From The Start” brought to mind the old glory of The Replacements and “Card House” was a furious pleasure.

The band also played a great bunch of covers, including numbers by the Velvet Underground (“Pale Blue Eyes”), The Pogues (“White City”), and Ben Vaughn (“Too Sensitive For This World”). And when they were joined by opener Courtney Marie Andrews for a rousing take on “Up Where We Belong,” it was utterly transcendent and oddly stirring.

One hell of a night.

What did you expect?

Deer Tick Set List:

  1. Bluesboy
  2. Dream in the Ditch
  3. Clownin’ Around
  4. The Bump
  5. Easy
  6. Hey! Yeah!
  7. Baltimore Blues #1
  8. Pale Blue Eyes
  9. Card House
  10. Doomed From the Start
  11. These Old Shoes
  12. Wants/Needs
  13. Up Where We Belong
  14. Goodbye, Dear Friend
  15. Strange Awful Feeling
  16. Art Isn’t Real
  17. Hell On Earth
  18. White City
  19. Miss K
  20. Dirty Dishes
  21. Too Sensitive For This World
  22. Mange