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A Smoldering Display Of Rock And Roll In Its Purest, Most Joyful Form: Charlie Chesterman’s Dynamite Music Machine

Charlie Chesterman
Dynamite Music Machine
Slow River Records

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On his third solo disc, Dynamite Music Machine, Charlie Chesterman, the former head feline for Boston’s beloved Scruffy The Cat, checks in with a cool blend of blue-eyed ‘50s pop and ‘90s post-punk swing. The Legendary Motorbikes, who might be one of the tightest rhythm sections around, are the perfect sonic foils for Chesterman’s charming and boyish musings–when they swing, he rocks, and when they rock, he rocks harder.

As a vocalist, Chesterman remains a delicious anachronism, crooning like a young Bobby Darin or Gene Vincent. And for anyone familiar with Chesterman’s discography, his phrasing remains unsurprisingly peerless—in the framework of a three-minute song, he can bend syllables and coast through consonants with an unreasonable amount of ease. And Chesterman is equally at home playing reckless rockers or country-tinged meditations—take a listen to the soulful bounce of “Goodbye To You” the pumping organ jam “Everybody’s Baby” or the fiery “True Love Song #9” for a glimpse of his unique genius.

Dynamite Music Machine is the kind of album they don’t make anymore. It’s a big blast of fun that’s spirited, raucous and alive. And its themes of first crushes, cars, firecrackers, and being young are the same that made The Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Ramones so timeless. It’s a record that’s a revved-up, smoldering display of rock and roll in its purest, most joyful form.

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