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Sleepy Hollow’s Zach Appelman Confirms He’s Off The Show

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Just seconds after his character Joe Corbin appeared to die in the closing minutes of tonight’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” star Zach Appelman left no question about the fate of Corbin.

Joe Corbin is dead.

He’s not coming back and neither is Appelman, who tweeted the news of his exit from the Fox show as the credits were rolling.

The Palo Alto-born Appelman was a fan favorite, but the 30 year old is an accomplished theatre actor and many believe he’s going to be returning to the live stage.

Appelman’s character appeared in Season 2 of the program, as the son of Sheriff August Corbin, played by Clancy Brown. After a curse that found him turning into a Wendingo was broken, the younger Corbin became a series regular and had a romantic storyline with Jenny Mills, who is played by Lyndie Greenwood.

However, in a cruel twist, the reversal of the curse got reversed yet again and Joe Corbin turned back into a Wendingo and Mills had to do him in.

That’s the way love goes when it goes like that, yes?

Fans aired their sadness over Corbin’s fate, but “Sleepy Hollow” has bigger issues on its hands than the death of a main character: the show has not yet been renewed for a fourth season.

An insider told Stereo Embers that at this point, the chances of that happening are 50/50.