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Single Of The Week: Kimm Rogers’ “Rain”

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Stereo Embers’ Single Of The Week comes from Kimm Rogers.

Taken from her upcoming October release Where The Pavement Grows, “Rain” is a stirring folk number played with finesse and heart.

Rogers’ voice falls somewhere between Iris DeMent and Patty Griffin but her phrasing and her delivery are uniquely her own. Armed with the ability to hold a consonant then wrap it delicately around a single note before releasing it, Rogers is a true American original. The lush production of “Rain” suggests the lush sonic landscape of Daniel Lanois, and Rogers seems quite at home there–she winds her way through this moving ballad with wisdom and grace.

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain,” Longfellow once wrote.

And the best thing one can do with Kimm Rogers’ “Rain” is to play it over and over again.